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After seeing many counsellors over the years with little results, I was referred to Brett. I noticed instant results and I know a permanent change has occurred. NLP is powerful and effective and has already greatly helped my life and my husband’s well being too. It is very comforting to know help is there if I need it in the future and that the brain was designed in such a way that we can reverse negative thinking and the effects of trauma to live a positive life. Brett was great to work with and I recommend him to anyone.
Female, Asian, 25-30 yo, 2019

I was fortunate enough to meet with a counsellor that I felt very comfortable with from day one to discuss anything/everything with. I know help is there, only a phone call away. Brett’s support has been invaluable. I laugh and smile again. And have learnt skills and tools if ever I feel I need them.
Female, European/Maori, 41-60 yo, 2017

Has helped me with my issue and been the catalyst for an entire change (for the better) of focus for my life. Not having anything to do with NLP previously I can say with surety that NLP works and helps you make the changes necessary to deal with any life issues.
Male, Maori, 41-60 yo, 2017

It seemed to desensitise the effects of some of the symptomatic struggles I was experiencing which has freed me considerably from self conscious shackles. As time goes on I believe the processes will continue to do their thing and strengthen the new subconscious belief changes (paradigm effects).
Male, European/Maori/Polynesian, 41-60 yo, 2017

Slow, steady of consistent guidance through dealing with issues without having to talk in depth about the trauma, without refreshing the trauma. NLP has helped give me the tools and emotional healing I have been long overdue for. He is more helpful and sustainable than any other form of therapy I have tried, I have tried most.
Female, European, 41-60 yo, 2017

Dealing with the sub conscious mind. This practice is very well needed for many dealing with historical trauma.
Female, European. Maori, 41-60 yo, 2017

This took me out of the dark and made me face life in a positive way. My brain is an engine, he was my mechanic. I’m so glad Brett helped me through my chains.
Male, Polynesian, 21-40 yo, 2017

Would recommend my counsellor to others. Have really learnt a lot that I’m not a bad person. I can forgive and forget. I have learnt to think positively after speaking to someone like Brett. Once again many thanks for what you have done for me. I can see a much happier family in my home.
Male, 41-60yo, South African, 2016

NLP has proved very helpful after several earlier counselling sessions were helpful in being able to express how I felt about events it was surface and no way to take away the pain I was feeling so it all resurfaced, now I am able to have a good ending and healthy way of thinking about these endings.
Female European, age 60+
Very helpful, understanding. Good tools I can use to help me.
Male Maori 41-60
NLP needs to be more readily available, for me after 30 years of misery trying to get help, it is finally happening and a good part in this is the way NLP encourages your involvement, it doesn’t dictate this way or that.
European, age 60+

I felt this was a very positive and I feel I have made life changing changes due to this.
Male, age 41-60

After each session I felt happy about myself and then I was excited about my future figure.
VGB client, female, age 60+, European

Helped through many situations already, due to the emotional techniques I’ve learned.
European male, age 41-60

When I first came to counselling I believed I was broken. But I had promised myself I would at least try. Today I am so much better. I’m not fully there yet but NLP counselling has made the changes and given me the tools to begin putting my life together.
Male, age 21-40
Had an instant effect. This has the potential to change my life.
Male, age 41-60
At the beginning I was a very angry person with poor me sense and I didn’t believe anything could change me. Was I wrong, I am a lot more relaxed and see life in a different light.
Male, age 40+

I am believed and validated through solution focused treatment which actually makes a difference to my beliefs (which has really surprised me). Thank you very much for believing in me and believing that life can be different for me, because I can change my thinking and my beliefs. Female, age 21-40

I have been through counselling since a teenager and there has never been any service where I have felt more connected with God. It simplified my emotions into terms so that I was helped to not feel unworthy but given tools to use when certain issues arose. Then I was able to recognise them because through this process of healing it has helped me to believe in the person that I could or can be.
Female, age 41-60
It’s quick and easy to do, effective not threatening, I didn’t  need to go into great depth of my problems for it to be effective. It’s worth trying. Different to other methods I have tried and failed in the past.
Female, age 41-60
Helped me see simple task as simple task not major objects to overcome. Learning life changing skill that helped me overcome years of hurt and become happy, lighter and more positive.
Female, age 21-40
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